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Bruce Piano Company

Bert Sr. in the piano storeBertram Bruce, Sr. opened Bruce Piano Company in the old Binyon O’Keefe warehouse on Fifth Avenue in Fort Worth. Bertram BruceThe store later became the authorized Steinway dealer for Fort Worth and provided pianos for performers visiting the Fort Worth Symphony and Opera.

The original location was on Calhoun St., in the Binyon O’Keefe Moving Company building. Later it moved to 8th Avenue near Massey’s, then the Westchester House where it doubled the space. Later it moved to West Lancaster near Farrington Field; Bertram then invited his brother Don to merge his business. I worked in the West Lancaster store in the summer of 1966. I remember several robberies which were a great hardship on a small business.

A second store was opened on Pipeline Road in Hurst. Harvey MacDougall became the manager. The final location was on Inwood, off of Camp Bowie Boulevard. After Bertram and Don had both died, Ken Nance managed the Hurst store.


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