Stephen in 6th grade in Bardon, Brisbane

familySabbatical with major stays in Beijing, China and Brisbane, Australia and stops in Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, California, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Italy, and Wales along the way, 1996-1997. See the map.

See “Learning from China.”


Citizen Ambassador Program Reading Education Delegation to the People’s Republic of China (Spokane, WA: People to People International).

Epilogue: Learning from ChinaChnese students dancing

moonJoined the Dialogues in Methods of Education (DIME) group. DIME members have studied together how to improve their own teaching practices through research, the sharing of ideas, and mutual support. They have also engaged in critical analysis of the disciplinary and institutional forces shaping their work. The history of DIME shows the importance of accommodating difference in providing support for sustained community.

Curriculum & Instruction

I worked in the Curriculum & Instruction department at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from 1990 to 2000. I taught courses such as

  • Computer Assisted Instruction,
  • Classroom Science,
  • Inquiry Teaching and Learning,
  • Evaluation of Information Technologies,
  • Ethical & Policy Issues in Information Technology,
  • Discourses of Science,
  • Technologies for Learning,
  • Reader Response Criticism,
  • Children’s Composition,
  • Social Contexts and Functions of Writing,
  • Epistemology and Education,
  • Teacher Communities, and
  • Discourse Across the Disciplines.

Stephen Andrew Bruce

Stephen with Emily and a small friend, Christopher.The picture to the left is of Stephen with Emily and a small friend, Christopher.

E and S


Emily Claire Bruce

Emily Claire BruceThe picture shows her on the day of graduation from University Laboratory High School in May, 2003.


Black History ShowA suite of software tools designed to foster an environment for literacy in classrooms. The software, teacher’s guide, and workshops were used widely, including in village schools in Alaska, which I visited three times during the project. Andee Rubin and I wrote a book, Electronic Quills: A situated evaluation of using computers for writing in classrooms, which looks in detail at the stories of early users. 1982-84.Quill book